I'm excited to release the first of many new songs that I've been working on over the past year. This one is called "Anxiety". I hope you enjoy it! 

Huge thanks to Taylor Hahn of Hahn Audio for musical engineering 
Huge thanks to Nick Pelc of Augminished Studio for video production.

Available on all streaming and music purchasing sites! 


Please enjoy the first of many album updates I will be posting throughout the remainder of the year. The creative process of this album has been truly special to me and it means a lot to me to be able to share it with you. This update is for a song on the album titled "Lump". It was one of the songs that became a catalyst of the record, and was written during a time of intense anxiety in my life. Anxiety, despair, inner awareness, and hope are the central themes of this record as I have experienced all of these emotions heavily in the last year. My only hope is that this record will hold some emotional weight for my fans as it does for me. I love you all and I appreciate you taking the time to be a part of my journey. 


This is the first in a series of unreleased material of mine that I would like to share. I want to put it out there for the people who have supported and followed my music over the past few years. Last year I tried to turn my solo project into a band and we made a short 3 song EP that I was really proud of. Unfortunately we had different aspirations for our creative paths and we ended up going our separate ways right before I was about to release this video. I went through a time of extreme self doubt and discouragement shortly after and I was considering giving up on writing music entirely. After a year of ups and downs and extreme introspection I've realized that giving up has never been and never will be an option for me. I also realized how important this song is to me and I want to represent it in it's best form. That's why I'm releasing this video a year later and will release two other videos in the coming weeks that I've been holding back for a while. I'll be hitting the studio in April to begin working on my next chapter of music. I feel like I'm gaining momentum and confidence as an artist and I'm excited to share the intensity of my thoughts with the world in the coming year. Thanks to those who've shown me love. This is for you


I hope you enjoy my track "Comparing". It was the first track recorded for my album "From Being Lost" and the video was shot at Standley Lake by my good friend Jeremy Schmidt. We brainstormed to make a more serious music video but when we ended up meeting to shoot we realized that we had a similar sense of humor and decided to make a very light hearted and fun music video. I really enjoyed working with Jeremy and couldn't be happier with how the video turned out. I hope it brings a smile to your face and I hope you enjoy the new album! 


Here is the video for my song "Hindsight" off my upcoming album "From Being Lost". I recorded this as a single in 2014 but I decided that it fit well within the structure of the album and thus is made the final cut. It's my favorite track off the album and I really enjoy the video that Jer from Sleeping Bag Studios put together for me. This song is about a friendship gone sour but I believe it can relate to all relationships. I hope you enjoy it! 


I'm proud to release the first single off of my upcoming album "From Being Lost". This song is titled "Failures" and I'm extremely proud of it. The sweet and simple melody of this song has stuck with me for years and during the writing process I finally found a way to incorporate it into the album. Lyrically I think this song represents the main theme of the album which is moving forward. I hired a videographer by the name of The Void to create this video for me and he did a beautiful job as did the model. I hope you enjoy this track and I can't wait to share more with you! 

New Album "From Being Lost" available everywhere online now!

New Album "From Being Lost" available everywhere online now!

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