With the release of his full length album From Being Lost, Roy Catlin
brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with beautiful acoustic
guitar work, addicting vocal melodies, and a deep rooted progressive
folk sound, the album reaches everything from dreamscapes to anthems.
Though songs are diverse from one and other, there is a glue that
holds it all together like a concept album. Most importantly, the
record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are
built from.

The first single "Failures" is a catchy indie folk song that breathes
and builds as it plays on. Layers of guitar hooks, strong choruses,
and a message, the track practically begs one to sing along.

"Failures is about accepting the hardships life throw at you and
learning to work through them. At the time I wrote the song I was
going through a lot of unexpected changes, and a lot of plans I had
were redirected because of them. I decided that instead of wishing
things would have gone how I had planned that I could accept them and
see the beauty in them. That song is one of my favorites I’ve ever

written." explains the songwriter of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes of the album, to get the full
understanding of where Roy is coming from, it should be heard in it's
entirety. Songs like "Epiphany" utilize intricate, lullaby-esque
progressions and driving percussion to push itself into an indie pop
realm, while others use an almost southern twang combined with string
sections to bring emotion forward.

Hailing from Colorado, singer songwriter Roy Catlin began writing for
his solo project in early 2013 after playing with several progressive
rock and metal bands. After some time, Roy realized he was really
being driven more by the songs he had been writing on his own. The
songs were more personal, and real for him. In 2014, he decided this
was where he needed to be as an artist and started focusing on his
project full time. A year later, the "From Being Lost" album was born.

"Each song on the album is very personal to me, but I feel that this
one in particular really represents who I am as an artist. I approach
each song with honesty and I know right away if a song is going to
work for me or not. I felt that this one had all the elements I go for

when I write songs and that’s why I chose it. My sound is always
evolving and I think it evolved over the course of recording the
album. I just always try to learn as much as I can from as many
musicians as I can and apply it to my music. I think I’m growing as a
song writer and I think that will really be showcased on my next

album. " says Roy of his album and songwriting process.

Roy is always writing, and is currently planning a tour for Summer
2016. The From Being Lost album is now available on most digital
outlets for streaming and download.